James Daniels, President/Owner of James Daniels Homes, Inc., began his career in home building as a Superintendent for a top 40 builder in the United States for five years. James over seen over 60 homes a year, over seeing the construction of single family homes from start to finish.

James made a change in careers from Superintendent to Trim Carpenter. This allowed James to focus on detail and to put his own personal touches and talents to use. This has enabled for him today to add and emphasize many details into the homes he builds.

James was asked by another local builder to become their Superintendent due to the quality for work he was putting in homes and all the abilities that he had inquired from his experiences. In doing this, James was able to grow more in the builder field.

In 2000 James made a decision to start his own company James Daniels Homes Inc. In just the first year 25 homes closed. Homes have been built in South Metro Atlanta area to the North side of Macon.

James also specializes in Custom Built homes. This allows for James to work one on one with the customer to build their Dream Home and add their personal wants and touches. Each home is given the same quality and attention to detail.